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While the name E-Series still sells like hotcakes, now quarters are exchanged for dimes at the corner of the lot. The latest addition to the Mercedes lineup is called The E-Class and it’s a stripped-down version of the massive E-Class. Only this time, the car is equipped with three rows of seats and two auxiliary engines under one roof. Instead of a 6.2L V8 engine and six manual transmission, you get a simple 518 cu in (17 litre) V10 engine with an automatic gearbox. Engine options are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack in as much fun as possible on the road. Read on to know everything you need to know about …

What Is The E-Class?

The E-Class is a new model in the Mercedes lineup that drops the V10 engine and switches to a single-row, two-seat layout. It goes on sale simultaneously with the E-Series and is based on the same platform as the E-Class No. 6, which is the most expensive model in the lineup. The E-Class comes with three rows of seats, two auxiliary engines and a weight of just 502 lb (201 kg). This makes it slightly heavier than the E-Class ML, but it’s also a lot smaller and lighter. The combination of a smaller vehicle, its ability to fit in tight spaces and the weight savings brought on by the V10 engine makes the E-Class a great choice for families with small children or people who don’t like to drive.

What Is The V10 Engine?

The V10 engine in the E-Class is a 518 cu in (17 litre) engine that produces a total of 696 hp (501 kW) and can be mated to a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine is located under the front seats, just as it is on the E-Class ML and is capable of producing more power at a higher rpm. It comes standard with six spark plug wires and a seven-way stirrup lift that is triggered by the driver’s foot.

Differences Between E-Class And E350

The biggest difference between the E-Class and E350 is the amount of engine capacity. The E-Class has a total of three rows of seats, while the E350 has two. The total weight of the two vehicles is lower because of the latter’s narrowing chassis and heavier platform. The E-Class has an efficient 3.0L V8 engine while the E350 has a 518 cu in (17 litre) V10 engine with an enhanced compression ratio. Both engines have the same 8-speed automatic transmission as well as the same six-speed manual that you’ll find in the ML and C-Class models. The most obvious difference between the E-Class and E350 is the color. The E-Class gets a white exterior while the E350 gets a black exterior. The interior of the E-Class is a bit cleaner in terms of manual controls and features, as is the dashboard.

How Much Does A Mercedes E-Class Cost?

The German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes starts the E-Class range with a base price of $95,000 (as of January 2019). The range includes the V10 engine, a seven-speed manual, an 8-speed automatic and a 3.0L V8 engine with a 16-valve per cylinder setup. A three-door hard top costs $95,000 (as of January 2019) while a four-door hard top costs $95,500 (as of January 2020). The V10 engine in the E-Class is only available with the $95,000 base model while the higher-end model comes with the option of a six-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic.

How To Buy A Mercedes E-Class

If you’re looking to buy a luxury car, the choice is almost certainly going to be the E-Class. In many ways, this is the car for you. The E-Class is the perfect blend of design, power and price. The E-Class is available in two bodystyles with an extra price tag: the A-Class and the B-Class. All four bodystyles are offered as two packages with an extra price, making the total price of the car $95,000 (as of May 2019).

Final Words: Should You Buy A Mercedes E-Class?

The question of whether or not to buy a Mercedes E-Class is one of the most important questions you will ask yourself as an owner. The answer lies in the combination of the price and the options available in that car. With a price of just $95,000 and an array of accessories, the E-Class is one of the most affordable luxury SUVs in the industry. It’s also one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the industry, which is a powerful combination. So, whether you decide to get the E-Class or an S-Class, the only real choice is which model you want. Get ready to make some serious cash in a hurry because the E-Class is ready to hit the streets as soon as 2020.

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